Baby Seal Stops To Thank His Rescuers For Freeing Him Before Rejoining His Family

Baby Seal Stops To Thank His Rescuers For Freeing Him Before Rejoining His Family

The direct and indirect effect of humans on marine life has actually been more or less unfavorable.

Unsustainable fishing practices, oil spills, stray discarded fishing nets and mishandled garbage are a few of the activities that harm and endanger aquatic animals and cause them immense suffering. Sea Conservation Namibia (OCN) is a non-profit organization that works for the welfare of these voiceless beings.

In this video clip, we see OCN rescuers Antoine and Naude visiting the Walvis Bay to look for seals entangled in fishing nets. This is an everyday early morning patrol for the duo as several seals wind up intertwined in those nasty cables due to the commercial fishing operations prevalent in the area. However, this turned out to be a big day for the rescuers thanks to a sweet angelic baby seal!

Once a seal gets ruined in a fishing net, they stress and run around in desperation. This often causes the piercing nets to tighten around their soft bodies, harming them severely. Without the intervention of rescuers, the majority of these seals either starve or suffocate to fatality.

It is habitual for the rescued seals to bite their saviors and run off in agitation, which is honestly quite understandable considering their difficult struggle to make it through. However, Antoine and Naude remained in for a heartwarming shock when they captured one distressed baby seal in this video clip!

This particular seal cub was uncharacteristically calm when the rescuers approached him. He looked at them with his huge gloomy eyes as a sharp fishing line tormented his neck. He squirmed in stress and anxiety when a rescuer got his neck to snip off the net. However the minute he was freed, the seal’s face beamed with gratitude!

Unlike his fellow rescued seals, this baby seal didn’t scoot off at top speed to join his herd. Instead, he lingered on the sand and repeatedly turned his head to the rescuers in a lovable attempt to say thank you! What a sweetie! It’s a pity such marvelous creatures endure because of human thoughtlessness.

Click the video clip below to watch the baby seal’s heartfelt motion of gratitude toward his rescuer.