After Being Ignored, A Struggling Street Performer Is Provided A Warm Embrace By The Dog

Wara Rico was watching out of the window of his Colombia house someday when he saw something taking place in the street below.

Right there in the middle of the road was a performer singing for passersby at the active intersection. He was wishing to make some money in tips, but instead, he was ignored.

The struggling street performer really did not get a cent, so he returned to the side of the road empty-handed when the light turned green. That’s when he received a wonderful embrace from a hairy buddy who intended to comfort the man throughout this trying time.

The white canine started wagging her tail at the sight of the man approaching, and they went in for a long, loving hug. Wara was moved by this gesture and went down to talk to the man. It ended up the aspiring artist, named Anderson, was going through some difficult times. But he kept his dog Mayte and her doggy brother or sister, Negrita, well-fed and cared for despite the troubles.

Wara arranged a trip to the vet for both dogs to get checkups and even got studio time to help give Anderson an audience. Thanks to his generosity, the once-ignored artist now has thousands of followers on social networks! Things are looking up for Anderson and his loyal pets.