After Being Rejected For 720 Days, Dog Sits By Himself In Sad Corner Of Sanctuary

After Being Rejected For 720 Days, Dog Sits By Himself In Sad Corner Of Sanctuary

Drools the 4 year old Pit Bull Boxer mix was given the remotely located Conour Animal Shelter in Monte Vista, Colorado, nearly 2 years ago.

Seeing the dog’s happy and extra-snuggly behavior, the employees were sure that the handsome boy would certainly get adopted soon. However, Drools has now gone to the sanctuary for a record duration of over 720 days– and there’s still no hope of him locating a home anytime quickly.

“Relay For Rescue” worker Kacey Widetich has actually been caring for Drools for the past numerous months, and she thinks that lack of exposure is just one of the reasons why he has actually been overlooked all this moment. Another factor for Drools’ “undesirability” could be the truth that he gets anxious around other cats and dogs and needs to be the only pet in a household.

The constant rejections have actually taken a heavy toll on Drools’ emotional well-being. For the past few months, the otherwise happy-go-lucky pooch has been feeling specifically lonely, depressed and helpless. Kacey was quick to take note of the canine’s dimming stimulate. She is now spending her evenings at Drools’ kennel to make him feel liked and protected.

In despair, the shelter has actually reached out to the public in hopes of finding Drools his perfect home. Drools is cautious of complete strangers at first, but is incredibly faithful and caring when he bonds with them. He is good with kids and enjoys a moderate degree of task, nothing too exhausting.

If you think Drools is the dog for you, do contact Conour Animal Shelter or Relay For Rescue. Conour Animal Sanctuary is also doing a fundraising to help not just Drools, but all the other dogs at their shelter live a good life and locate good homes. If you wish to donate to Conour Animal Shelter’s fundraiser, you can visit their GoFundMe page here. Let’s get the word out for Drools and help him find his forever home!