Shelter Dog Left Alone In Office Decides To Throw Himself A Celebration

Shelter Dog Left Alone In Office Decides To Throw Himself A Celebration

Damon arrived at Cincinnati Animal CARE in November as a lost dog, and when no one came forward to declare him, he was set up for adoption. He waited months and months for a house without any success, but he was still able to find ways to make his time at the shelter a little more fun.

Because the shelter is critically over capability, every office has a dog hanging around there every day, and Damon was one of those office dogs.

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” He was living in the behavior office, but they required their space to work with more dogs in need, and he had really bonded with Sydney, our foster specialist,” Ray Anderson, a employee at Cincinnati Animal CARE, informed The Dodo. “So he was living there for a bit!”.

When Sydney had to march for a meeting one day, Damon was left alone in the office for regarding 45 minutes– and with his newfound freedom, he chose to throw a party.

Damon lost no time and proceeded to take out every toy in the office that had been set aside for foster families. He had fun with them, tore them apart and threw them all around. Based on the mess he made, it appeared like he would certainly been alone for hrs.

” I think the official variety of toys destroyed was ‘all of them,'” Anderson claimed. “The foster office is loaded with goodies to go house with our foster fams, so he found a cornucopia of fun.”.

When the shelter team found Damon resting proudly in the center of his wreckage, they could not even be mad at him. He seemed so pleased with himself, and they were all simply glad he ‘d located a way to make the best of shelter life.

” It was a particularly chaotic day at the shelter (although they’re all pretty chaotic), and walking in to see that was simply funny,” Anderson said. “He was having the time of his life– just how could you be mad at that face?”.

Everyone thought the incident was so funny that they posted regarding it on social media– and Damon’s family who lost him months ago wound up seeing the post! They were able to come and claim Damon and take him house again, and currently he can throw a toy celebration whenever he wants.

Even though he made a big mess, Damon’s destruction led to lots of happiness and a family reunion, so all in all, it was definitely a win.