Alaskan Man Gets Up To Find Lynx Family Playing On His Porch

Alaskan Man Gets Up To Find Lynx Family Playing On His Porch

Living in Alaska has its benefits, like seeing some incredible wild animals. Yet even Anchorage, Alaska resident Tim Newton was surprised when he woke up to find a lynx family playing on his porch.

At first, he simply heard what sounded like someone scrambling around in his backyard around dawn. His first idea was a break in and so he went to investigate the situation.

Alaskan Man Gets Up To Find Lynx Family Playing On His Porch
Alaskan Man Gets Up To Find Lynx Family Playing On His Porch

He put on his robe and sneaked towards the door, looking out from behind the curtain. Thankfully, he found something beautiful rather than frightening.

Before his very eyes he saw the cutest little family of lynx, a mother and her kittycats, enjoying some good old style fun in his backyard.

The small lynx kitties running around with their brother or sisters were nearly close enough to touch.

Newton watched in awe as 6 or so more kitties joined their brother or sisters on the deck to play. They couldn’t have chosen a better yard to play in. After all, Newton is an animal fan and avid professional photographer.

He wasted no time at all hurrying to get his camera. He returned to find them still actively playing. That’s when he began taking as many pictures as he could.

He said that the little lynx family spent time for about forty minutes. Throughout which time they were battling, running, and rolling around.

When play time came to an end, mama lynx led her babies back toward the forest where they ‘d come from.

Newton was sad to see them go but he couldn’t include his excitement over seeing them to begin with.

Plus, he would certainly caught so many amazing photos of the family at play. He shared them online, and the pictures have actually since gone viral, to nobody’s surprise.

” It was right near dawn. I heard some noises; it resembled something rushing on the deck,” Newton shared in an interview with The Dodo. “Appearing of my slumber, I thought, ‘What the heck is that?'”.

” So I place on my bathrobe and slowly eased back the curtain. And right there, 2 feet away, was a lynx kitten. He was sitting there watching his siblings race by.”.

” They were running backward and forward, pouncing on each other. I started breaking away. I thought, ‘Wow! What incredible luck. This just beats all. This is simply wonderful!'”.

As the rest of us are surely thinking right about now, “They were so adorable. It was cute-tastic,” Newton said.