Dolphin Comes Up For Sloppy Golden Retriever Kisses

Dolphin Comes Up For Sloppy Golden Retriever Kisses

Gunner the seven-year-old Golden Retriever has a 10-year-old dolphin buddy named Delta. Yes, you read that correctly!

They have actually been besties for over 6 years, and also their relationship resembles something you would certainly see in a kids’s movie. And also a recent Twitter photo garnered a lot of attention for the two!.


Delta lives at the Dolphin Proving Ground in Grassy Key, Florida, and the two buddies have had the ability to hang around since the start!

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Personnel at the Center shared a throwback picture of them, Gunner at simply 8 weeks old and also Delta at four years.

How valuable are these two friends sharing some big wet kisses? They love each other’s business so much, and we wish the unlikely set enjoys a long life together!