Baby koala mistakes dog for its mother and refuses to let go

Baby koalas are natural huggers and just like humans, they are highly depending on their mothers from the day they were born.

But unlike what many people know, koalas do not belong to the bear family, they are marsupials like kangaroos. Marsupials are animals that bring to life undeveloped babies, that’s why baby koalas or “joeys” stay with their mothers for up to 6 months until they fully develop.

These recognized tree huggers and iconic animals of Australia are just lovable furballs.

However what happens if mother koala is gone?

It is not safe for baby koalas to live alone in the wild where they are prone to predators. Unlike kangaroos, the pouch of a mom koala deals with downward, so there really are unfortunate instances when they unconsciously drop their babies resulting in the baby and mother being separated.

Fortunately, there are rescue teams that provide these joeys a refuge where they can enjoy childhood without the possibility of coming to be prey. While most koalas enjoy the company of their caring mothers, the baby in this video enjoyed the company of an unlikely creature.

In a YouTube video that was uploaded by a network named “Henry” in 2019, they came across a baby koala and mistook his dog for its mother.

A beautiful bond.

When Henry was out with his dog Tony for his potty time, a baby koala hopped over his canine’s back and rejected to let go. By the looks of it, the little joey mistook his dog for its mother. Ends up, the baby marsupial has been living close by their residence however they have not seen a mom koala around it ever since.

In the video’s summary, he composed, “One morning I allow my dog Tony out for toileting and then this happened … The Koala stays in my yard. It is about 4 months old. It started living independently recently, however is still not used to being away from mom’s pouch or back!”

Although koalas are known to have sharp claws, it really did not look like Tony was in pain while the baby koala was tightly hugging his back.

Despite them being 2 different creatures, Tony and his new “baby” seemed to get along well.

Animal instinct and hostility do not apply in this video of 2 adorable furballs. The brand-new ” mother” was so gentle to his brand-new baby koala and they were just strolling around the area. There were likewise times when Tony would look at Henry, it’s as if he was asking his human, “Am I doing the right point here?”

Henry likewise included, “My doggie Tony is incredibly friendly and tolerable. I’m sure he will not hurt the baby Koala and the baby will jump off his back by itself! I fire the video because it is really fun and uncommon. I’m sure the cuteness of both will certainly bring most people fun and pleasure!”

We couldn’t agree more, these tiny creatures certain brought a lot of individuals joy. In fact, the video got over 3 million sights since it was uploaded, it just shows that people still like watching feel-good videos like this.

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