Mama snow leopard pretends to be scared of her tiny cub sneaking up on her

The mom’s like Doo, doo, doo, doo, definitely do not see you there, nope.

Have you ever seen a snow leopard?

Snow leopards have adjusted to survive in some of the most challenging environments on the planet.

Their enormous black rosettes and thick white-gray coats fit nicely with Asia’s high, stony mountains.

These animals are regularly referred to as the “ghost of the mountains” because of their natural camouflage, which makes them virtually invisible in their surroundings.

The snow leopard can also easily climb up steep slopes thanks to its muscular physique.

Snow leopards can stay in incredibly vast areas.

The Himalayas and the southern Siberian mountains in Russia are just two of the high mountain ranges where snow leopards can be found.

A range that expands from China to the highlands of Central Asia likewise contains them, as does the Tibetan Plateau.

They favor rocky outcrops and sloping, hilly terrain where prey is scarce.

These carnivores need a lot of area to move about due to this.

While female leopards have ranges of up to 48 square miles, male leopards require as much as 80 square miles.

Snow leopards are majestic cats that have ruled the hills due to their incredible abilities.

This incredible feline can leap 6 times as far as its body length thanks to its back legs.

Long tails let animals move quickly, balance themselves, and shield the snow leopard from the elements while it is resting.

Every one of these things make the snow leopard a pressure to be reckoned with.

However, just like various other animals, these creatures start as cubs, and their skills are learned over the years.

One young snow leopard caught the interest of people visiting the zoo where they lived.

When hunting, snow leopards amaze their victim by pouncing on them.

They are born with the capability, but they must practice it.

A mom snow leopard generally helps teach her cubs the skills required for hunting, and they initially practice their inborn skills on their mother in return.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, a snow leopard cub can be seen quietly observing his mother in the same area.

He was taking a look at her like she was his prey and was preparing to attack.

This unusual moment was caught on cam by among the zoo visitors.

The snow leopard cub observes his mother, that is unwinding close by, while concealing behind a boulder.

His mother pretends not to see him, though.

The cub lowers right into a “pounce” position, ready to leap at her at any moment.

And when the mother finally looks his way, the cub does not waste any moment and pounces at her!

It was a unusual time and one that is rare to see.

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