Beachgoers Witness 15-Ft Shark attack Swimmer in Sydney

Beachgoers Witness 15-Ft Shark attack Swimmer in Sydney

A coastline in Sydney has actually been temporarily shut after some people saw a gruesome killing– a 15-ft shark devouring a swimmer.

A Rep for North South Wales Police tells TMZ … cops were called concerning the terrifying shark attack around 4:35 PM on Wednesday.

We’re informed people were fishing off the close-by shoreline, and they heard the swimmer yell in terror and saw the entire attack unfold.

As you can see in the video, a shark was still lurking around and the guy recording yelled out, “Someone simply got eaten by a shark. Oh man! Oh no! That’s insane.” He believes it was a great white.

Police say when they arrived, they might still see human remains in the water. As of now, they do not know details about the deceased swimmer, but police said they are investigating and might know much more info later today.

For now, Little Bay Beach has been shut and cops remain to search the area.