Border Collie takes hearts and wins World Champion with dance

Border Collie takes hearts and wins World Champion with dance

The best part is you can inform how much enjoyable he is having.

It’s a very cool dance you’ll have to see below!

Dogs have to be one of one of the most incredible, caring animals on this planet.

A lot to ensure that humanity can learn a thing or two from these furry 4 legged mammals.

There are many video clips of canines on the internet. All the sweetest, bravest, most precious times caught on cam will have you scrolling and clicking constantly.

But have you seen or heard of dog dancing?

It’s also called Music Canine Freestyle.

What you are looking at is a mixture of obedience training, tricks, and dance. This allows dogs and their proprietors to show creative interactions for the audience and judges.

The competitors has a number of variations in different countries around the world.

Jessica Karlgren and her dog Storm won the world champion in Compienge in France with this unique routine.

Jessica called on the spirits which appeared to influence the judges.

She’s got a pair of tomahawk axes and a feather headrest!

Storm is a Border Collie. This adorable dog looks pumped and ready, and as soon as the music starts playing, his ears perk up waiting for his cue. Jessica is ready!

The duo dance to music called “White Wolf Spirit” by Paul D. Beats.

It’s definitely what she’s going for. The only point missing are the forests and the hills.

Dogs and people do require to reconnect with nature from time to time.

Jessica begins her dance, almost like there’s an entire tribe dance with her.

One with nature, one with the pets, with all the spirits channeling their energy!

Take a look at Storm follow Karlgren!

A viewer named Charese Pelham commented,

” Fabulous dog. Fabulous trainer. Much more fantastic relationship between the two of you. That canine provides you his all, his love, mind, heart and soul. The love and trust between the two of you is obvious. God bless. You are an incomparable pair.”

Imagine the moment it took for Jessica and Storm to best this.

Jessica performs a few poses with her axes, changing directions while shuffling her feet to the rhythm of the haunting music. Her canine follows her lead, Storm feeling like a real wolf this moment.

He’s such a good boy!

Whenever Jessica moves naturally using her feet, Storm starts prancing on his paws, as if he and his human are one. Excellent!

“Unbelievable … each year their routines become much more fantastic! Though I have actually never had a Border collie (I have Goldens), their brilliance continues to amaze! Thanks for such an remarkable example of how one bonds with one’s incredibly remarkable dog!” says one more viewer.

Storm is so cute and Jessica leads the way, almost as if she’s calling for rain or defense from an upcoming threat. Overall, an impressive unique dance, no wonder Jessica and Storm got the gold. The dance worked!

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