Dog crawls under mechanic dads vehicle to provide him the biggest cuddle

Dog crawls under mechanic dad’s vehicle to provide him the biggest cuddle

The look on the puppies deal with is what got me! There’s something special about golden retrievers.

Dog crawls under mechanic dads vehicle to provide him the biggest cuddle

Their friendly and caring nature makes them a joy to be around.

And when they smile, it just melts your heart.

Some suggest whether a golden retriever’s smile is an actual smile or something they discover to mimic from the humans they love. Either way, it’s certainly some kind of form of communication. And an cute one at that.

World’s Best Smile

” Golden Retrievers smile when they’re excited and they have 3 unique smiles; the panting, aggressive, and passive smiles. Dog smiles are different from human ones because they do not always mean happiness as they can also mean various other emotions like fear,” according to Retriever’s Hub.


Their “panting smile” is their happy-looking smile.

The one when their tongues are out and they appear like they’re wearing a huge smile.

This normally means that your canine enjoys and content and their panting is to help them cool down.

The aggressive smile is a various tale.

While their teeth are shown and noticeable they are tense and in fight or flight mode.

This usually happens when they seem like they remain in danger or unsure about what’s going on. Little Eliza, a golden retriever pup, rests in a grassy grass beside her housemate, Sammy, a Yorkie. Eliza is smiling …

So, that’s not a “smile” you truly wish to see.

Dogs also have a submissive smile where they reveal their teeth to you while squinting their eyes.

This look is meant to show you that they are not a danger and are being submissive. LOOK AT THAT SMILE: Wesley, an adorable 6-month-old golden retriever, doesn’t appear to be bothered by the braces he …

” This is less rare than the hostile smile however is still seen much less usually than the pleased smile. I would claim that about 80% of your golden retriever smiles are going to be happy smiles with the staying 20% divided evenly between the other 2 smiles.”

One grinning pup is racking up some serious sights for his video cuddling up with his mechanic father. We see the canine’s big old doofy smiling face peer underneath a car where his father is working.

Dad is underneath the car with a screwdriver or some kind of vehicle repairing gun in his hand.

He’s looking for the right spot to start his job when his doggo interrupts him.

That’s when the golden retriever Dog chooses it’s time for kisses and leans into father and further under the car to provide the side of father’s head a great lick. After that he quits to lay on top of father for a minute so he can be happy and be close to him.

Next, he decides it’s time to cuddle and obtains cozy on father’s shoulder, and nuzzles up in the crook of his neck.

This is the perfect place to nap, or at least he believes so, and goes in for a snooze. At the same time, father still has a vehicle to fix. But not before he gives his reliable canine some pets.