Brave Pigs Team Up To Take On A Bear Who Climbed Into Their Pen

Rebecca Shaw’s life was enriched a little more than a year earlier. She then got 2 adorable pet pigs named Hamlet and Mary, who currently reside with her in Connecticut.

” I have actually loved them ever since,” Shaw informed The Dodo. “They are fantastic.”

However, a recent occurrence demonstrated just how magnificent Hamlet and Mary really are.

Hamlet and Mary were relaxing in their cage recently when an unexpected guest came over. The guest was a bear, and he wasn’t afraid to make his presence known.

When the bear saw the pigpen and its pudgy-faced inmates, he clambered up and in, presumably figuring that these pigs were pushovers. He was mistaken.

When Hamlet and Mary initially saw the unexpected invader, they banded together to send the bear packing.

The bear was obviously amazed by just how things turned out. Mary fought back bravely after being pounced on. Then Hamlet stepped in to permanently drive the bear away. Surprisingly, neither was injured in the brawl.

Shaw has constantly adored her pigs, but after seeing video of their fearlessness, she can’t assist but love them even more.

” Thank goodness they weren’t injured because it could have been lot worse,” Shaw included. “Mary is usually the guard, and Hamlet is usually terrified of his own shadow, but I’m extremely proud of him for showing his bravery. I am really happy and proud of them.”