Mama Duck Flies Into Maternity Ward And Provides 10 Lovable Babies

The birth of beautiful newborns is a everyday occurrence for the labor and delivery team at Baptist Medical Center Beaches.

However, one recent delivery differed any other.

A random duck emerged in the Florida center’s central plaza a few weeks ago. Since the only way in from the outside is through the courtyard’s exposed doorway, it’s assumed the duck flew in from above.

It came to be evident, however, why she would certainly decided to settle in that secluded area over time.

She made a nest and placed her eggs there.

The delighted mother duck delivered 10 beautiful ducklings into the world as medical workers looked on adoringly.

The baby ducks’ first hurdle in life would be to navigate their way out right into the great world beyond since they were effectively locked up within the structure.

That’s precisely what they accomplished, with the support of their mother and some pleasant clinical staff.

The duck, it shows up, had actually picked the ideal location to start her family– the same one that countless human mothers had chosen.

” We’re still ‘quacking’ over this beautiful tale– and the 10 unexpected births that day!” Beaches OBGYN stated in a blog post. “Congratulations, Mama!”