Can You Spot The Reason This Picture Of A Chicken Is Going Viral

Can You Spot The Reason This Picture Of A Chicken Is Going Viral?

Moms will go to extreme lengths to protect their children despite the threat or threat. A recent trending video of a mom chicken protecting her young shows that such maternal instincts aren’t unique to the human race.

Watch the adorable clip that’s making the Internet swoon!

Catching the perfect viral video usually involves a component of timing and also good luck. Fortunately, such odds have actually exponentially raised in the modern age. Were not people constantly snapping photos on their smartphones, this heartwarming moment might have quietly slipped by.

Case in point is the heartfelt video clip of a mother hen shielding her chicks from a rainstorm. The mother bird’s wings are outstretched, sheltering her five babies from the freezing raindrops, which would definitely cause the kids to capture their death of cold.

The larger bird does not think twice about offering up her body as a guard, although she’s also getting drenched. Her generous act assists keep her chicks dry and also cozy.

” This video clip was taken at a local fish market when there was heavy rain,” the user wrote. “We can see mother’s love in nature’s method. A chicken securing its chicks in heavy rain.”

The lovable video clip immediately went viral on Reddit, where hundreds of thousands of users applauded this mother’s selfless act. Others rightly noted that the children might have died were it not for their Mother’s quick thinking.

” Sheltering them is critical since the chicks can easily pass away if they get chilled by cool rain,” wrote user SnickeringBear. “Typical body temperature for a chick is 107F (42C). Simply secs of direct rainfall can kill a little chick.”

Still more questioned why the animals didn’t have their own chicken home, which might have alleviated this entire situation. Regardless, the heartwarming clip reminds us of completely our mothers have actually sustained us over the years. Sometimes, it doesn’t need to be more complicated than that!