Cheetah Mother gives birth to a record number of cubs

Cheetah Mother gives birth to a record number of cubs

Beautiful household! ❤ They are so beautiful. Beautiful Mom and her babies.

Bingwa the cheetah, a 4-year-old St. Louis Zoo resident has just given birth to a record-breaking 8-cub litter.
This is the first time a cheetah has actually given birth to 8 cubs at a zoo. The normal litter size is 3 to 4 cubs.

Bingwa has become an ideal mother for her 3 boys and 5 girls. She has actually quickly become skilled at caring for her very large litter of cubs– grooming, nursing and taking care of them attentively.

They are so cute. We wish they would put something soft for them to rest on however they are possibly attempting to make this as realistic as feasible.
In the wild, the mother will hide them in various den sites for the first numerous weeks of life. Their largest are lions, leopards & hyenas in the wild so ideally these babies stay healthy.

Must have something to lie on. We’re not very happy seeing such beautiful animals like that. ❤

. Bingwa is an amazing mother. Congratulations on your gorgeous babies! God bless them …!