Cockatoo Refuses To Go To Her Cage, Throws Funny Temper Tantrum

In some cases, specifically when they do not listen, kids can be a handful. It’s not unusual for children to have temper tantrums when they do not get their way. However this temper tantrum is unlike any type of you have actually ever seen prior to. That’s because it isn’t a kid; rather, it’s a Cockatoo!

Pebble the Cockatoo does not want to go back into her cage, as she would rather explore. This amusing video captured Pebble’s playful yet naughty side, as she has a tantrum when being informed ‘no.’.

She talks endlessly to her human father, that repeatedly tells her to come closer. A few of what she says is inaudible, but a few curse words are distinct.

At 2:43 into the video clip, Pebble’s dad asks if she has an attitude; complying with his request, Stone answers “Ya, that’s right!” It’s evident that this tough bird will not sugarcoat how she feels and takes no orders from anybody willingly.

Unfortunately, Pebble has gone from house to home in the past 20 years, but she’s finally with a caring family who takes great treatment of her. She may get moody sometimes, however she’s a great bird!

Cockatoos are part of the Parrot family and they share the talent for imitating sounds, consisting of speech. Some Parrots, such as the African Grey Parrot imitate human speech completely, however Cockatoos are not quite as good at it. They can mimic words and sounds but their accuracy is restricted which can make it hard to understand what Pebble is claiming sometimes.

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