Deaf Dog Doesn't Wish To Miss Father's Homecoming, Takes His Area By The Door

Deaf Dog Doesn’t Wish To Miss Father’s Homecoming, Takes His Area By The Door

Our dogs are always ready to wait as long as it takes for us to return home! And for the deaf dog in the video below, he’s about to have a sweet get-together with his soldier father after a very long time apart.

He really did not want to miss his arrival, so he took his spot at the door window …

” Our deaf rescue pitbull thrilled to have actually daddy gotten home!!! Go Oregon National Guard !!! He had been gone for drill weekend and was so happy to see him! I believe Cotton really did not recognize for how long 2 days might feel!

We obtained Cotton as a rescue shock for my husband upon his return house from Afghanistan in 2009 and we obtained him certified as Phil’s solution canine. Its a wonderful video clip showing that not only do people miss out on the soldiers, their canines do too.”