Puppy With Tail Growing From His Face Is One of a Kind

Mac’s Mission, a rescue in Jackson, Missouri, found a puppy, along with another older canine, wandering alone outside in the cold.

However this isn’t simply any ordinary puppy; he has what appears to be a “tail” coming out of his forehead. While the tail does not wag like a normal tail, it is certainly something rescuers have never ever seen before.

Because it reminds them of a unicorn’s horn, they decided to name him Narwhal, “the little wonderful furry unicorn.”

Narwhal has a foot injury of some kind and will require treatment. The rescue is taking him to the vet tomorrow for x-rays, in addition to get his face tail took a look at.

According to the rescue, Narwhal is a extremely happy, pleasant puppy and is doing great. Thanks to rescuers, Narwhal will not have to suffer in the freezing cold.

Mac’s Mission is a rescue in Jackson, Missouri, that assists homeless dogs and other pets with urgent special needs or injuries that would be euthanized otherwise.

While they specialize in Pit Bulls, they absorb any breed. They help all breeds of special requirements, as well as the homeless animals who have zero possibility or survival, because of sanctuaries and other rescues not having the resources to help them.