Deaf Dog Returned To Shelter Twice Sees People Pass Him By

Chompers was gone back to the shelter because he’s deaf. He waited alone in his kennel, watching as people passed him by time and time again. The poor puppy deserved a life filled with happiness and love. If only someone would provide him a chance!

Yarelis, a Ph.D. student, was looking for her soul canine. She saw Chompers and knew he was meant to be with her! While she understood there would be challenges because Chompers can not hear, she wasn’t backing down. Yarelis and her partner brought Chompers home and they’ve never recalled. He’s the perfect fit!

Chompers’ mother does all she can to make sure the Pittie lives a full life. She recognizes how to approach Chompers when he’s asleep so she does not startle him. Yarelis says that she adores Chompers’ huge ears even if they’re just an accessory. She especially loves that he drags his blanket around, and once settled, he makes “biscuits” while he suckles on it. A pup’s comfort is everything!

This story is proof that there’s no such point as a busted canine! All shelter pups deserve loving homes. Consider adopting one today! Below’s to Chompers’ incredible new life! He truly is lovable!

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