Deaf Man Adopts A Deaf Rescue Puppy And Educates Him Sign Language

Deaf Man Adopts A Deaf Rescue Puppy And Educates Him Sign Language

all sanctuary dogs deserve a loving home. No more so than special needs dogs. Sadly, these dogs are usually harder to place. Such was the case with this tiny black lab mix that located himself ill and living in a shelter at only a month and a half old.

This is a heartwarming story about how a pup, who beat the chances by fighting for his life, ended up being saved by the most best person.

The young puppy was living in a Florida shelter suffering from the deadly parvo virus and seizures. His prognosis was bleak but that didn’t quit a rescue and foster organization called NFR Maine from trying to save his life. They took in the little puppy and moved him north, hoping to cure him and locate him a permanently home.

When in Maine, NFR Maine learned the little guy had one more problem-after a visit to their veterinarian, they discovered that the canine was also listening to impaired. The veterinarian could not claim if the puppy was born with the problem, or acquired it during his disease, however it would be one more hurdle the tough little dog would certainly have to cross as they tried to place him in the best home.

NFR Maine shared the 2-week-old pup on social networks and wished for the best. They recognized the currently happy puppy would make a great pet for the best person. And, the exact best person came forward!

Nick Abbott, 31 of Maine, was born deaf. He knew he would understand the dog’s special needs and have the ability to give the puppy a fantastic life. He quickly filled out the adoption documents and within 1 day, had himself a new best friend that he called Emerson.

When Emerson and Nick met, they shared an immediate connection. Nick instantly began to teach the pup simple sign language. Both have no trouble communicating and Emerson started to trust Nick totally. Both are adorable and every time Nick touches Emerson’s earlobe, he barks!

Emerson and Nick are very pleased and lucky to have located each other. We are thankful to NFR Maine for saving Emerson from the sanctuary and giving him a possibility at finding love in the arms of his new owner.

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