Faithful Dog Insists On Staying By His Owners Side As She's Laid To Rest

Faithful Dog Insists On Staying By His Owners Side As She’s Laid To Rest

Lately, 95-year-old Maria Isabel Benites Chamba passed away. All her loved ones came to pay their respects when she was laid to rest.

It was one specific guest of the funeral who wanted to do more.

Chamba’s beloved dog Bumer refused to leave her side, right till the very end.

Bumer stayed as nearby as he could throughout Chamba’s wake, just like he had done so when she was still alive.

” You could see the loyalty and love that existed between her and her canine,” a spokesperson for Funeraria Santa Rosa, “He was always there with his owner.”

After the event had completed, as tradition, a parade of attendees followed the casket to the cemetery to complete the practice.

As you can picture, Bumer also insisted on coming.

“He circled the hearse prior to hopping aboard as if to say, ‘I want to go and say goodbye to my mother. A tremendous example of loyalty.

“Bumer’s tremendous love for Chamba was clear for everybody to see because touching moment.

Hopefully, in time, Bumer’s broken heart will have the ability to heal, and he might pass on his faithfulness.
But also for now, he is among the love and heat of Chamba’s family.