Deployed soldier sends t-shirt home, dog smells it and adorably go crazy

Deployed soldier sends t-shirt home, dog smells it and adorably go crazy

As a puppy, life had not been easy at all for Brindle. The little doggy ended up at a shelter when he was just a couple of months old. However, his life dramatically transformed when he met JD and Rachel, a young pair in Pennsylvania.

The couple already had one precious dog, Xander, so they chose to bring him a companion. And the little Brindle instantly felt in love with his brand-new family. Nevertheless, also from the first days, he had a great fond of his fur dad; and both of them created an incredible bond. Besides, according to JD’s wife, Xander was constantly closer to her, so it’s quite understandable why Brindle became closer to JD.

JD Aument serves in the US Military, so when he’s deployed overseas, the whole family misses him a lot. But, it turned out the situation simply broke Brindle’s heart, as he looked devastated since his father left. Constantly full of joy and power, Brindle became just a statue of sadness. He also lost his appetite. He just sat there, in from of the home window, looking through it and crying.

Rachel became afraid for Brindle’s life and at that moment it appeared like absolutely nothing was about to transform the circumstance. Yet, JD got a brilliant idea. He decided to send something to his four-legged companion; something to remember of him and the love he brings him.

The soldier sent a T-shirt he use it for a couple of days for his beloved dog. The moment Rachel gave the smelly t-shirt to Brindle, it was like the entire world changed its course for the loyal doggy. Thankfully, she caught the moment on cam and it is so touching to see the joy on the Brindle’s face when smelling his father shirt.

Since that day on, Brindle never left his father’s shirt, until he returned home.