Puppy Jumps In Front Of Mom To Save Her From Snake Bite

Puppy Jumps In Front Of Mom To Save Her From Snake Bite

Someday, Paula Godwin from Arizona was walking with her two pups when she almost stepped on something in front of her.

“This is what a hero looks like”

Puppy Jumps In Front Of Mom To Save Her From Snake Bite

Sadly for Paula, it was a shocked rattlesnake who was almost to snap at her legs in self-defense.

Without missing a 2nd, Todd, Paula’s gold retriever, entered front of Paula to block his mom from the bite.

The snaked lunged and unfortunately bit Todd on his muzzle however had actually rescued Paula from an incredibly unpleasant and venomous bite.

” He leapt right in front of my leg where I certainly would have got bit,” Godwin claimed on Facebook. “This is what a hero looks like.”

Todd’s face began to swell up and understandably, he was yelping suffering, thankfully, Paula was able to take him to an animal hospital only a few mins after the strike.
He was treated with antivenom and left to relax for the day under observation.

Paula is extremely thankful for her brave puppy, the incident can have turned out much worse.

Rattlesnake attacks are rarely fatal for humans, but they can still be extremely painful and cause blurred vision, difficulty breathing, and numbness.

After returning home, Todd was bathed with love from him momma, and after a short while, he was back on his feet and really feeling much better.

You can still see a wound on the side of his nose, which will take longer to recover, but the swelling from the bite has decreased.

I think it’s safe to claim, Todd will be getting great deals of extra cuddles and treats from now on for his bravery.

” My sweet Todd for sure is my hero,” Paula said. “He is recovering so well. I feel I need to say that the man upstairs certainly is watching out for me, too.”