Dog Allows Herself Inside Leaves The Door Open Causing The Cops Being Called

Dog Allows Herself Inside Leaves The Door Open Causing The Cops Being Called

In the video below, a dog needed to let herself back in the house but left the door wide open. This led to some confused neighbors and the police officers being called! Luna’s owner tells the tale in their own words below:

” My adult daughter was hurrying to get ready for work and let my dog Luna out while she was running around the house. Luna usually gives one short bark at the back door when she is ready to come in, and if she isn’t allow, she just does it herself.

She does this every time she’s outside. So she let herself in this day, and my daughter saw her in the house as she was leaving for work, simply assuming she had actually allowed Luna in not checking and locking the doors. 4 hrs later on, my neighbor Matt got home from work and saw my back door standing open. And he knows I go to work.

He calls our regional police department worried someone has actually broken into my house. They send out one police officer that stands at my back door for several minutes, listening to a deep bark coming from inside the house. He identifies himself several times, asking if anybody was in there, all while Luna continues to bark from the front of the house. 2 more officers appear.

They precede right into the house, continuing to recognize themselves and asking if anybody was in there. They enter my kitchen and can now see my 95 lb dog barking at them. One officer claims, hey, girl come here, and she immediately stops barking and enters the kitchen for some pets from the officers. She after that follows them around as they search my house for any type of potential suspects.

Meanwhile, I was working as an emergency room nurse when I obtained the Ring alert that somebody was in my yard, which was odd. I pull up the camera and see the police officer standing on my back action with the door open. My phone after that rings, and it’s the dispatcher from the PD telling me what’s going on. I tell her I bet my daughter really did not secure the back door, and Luna had actually allowed herself out or something. And she laughs and says, actually? I said yeah, she does it regularly.

I tell her I have ring cams all over, and I’ll check them to see what happened and if there is anything to be worried about. She asks if they can look the house, and I tell her yes. She asks if everything’s ok, do you want them to lock up for you. I said yes, please.

I watched the video cameras and saw Luna give her bark then enter into the house on her own. And a minute or 2 later, my daughter went out the front door as Luna watched her out the front window. Backdoor standing wide open.”