Dog Stops Traffic and Gets Assistance for Owner Having Seizure While Walking

Haley Moore and her family saved Clover, a one-year-old Maremma mix, when she was a puppy.

Less than a year later, Clover paid them back by saving Haley’s life.

Haley and Clover were out of a walk through the neighborhood when Haley began seizing out of nowhere, falling to the ground.

Without hesitation, Clover freed herself from the leash and looked at Haley before walking right into the middle of the road.

As a truck was coming, Clover bravely stood her ground in order to halt traffic so that Haley would certainly not get hit. The driver of the truck, Dryden Oatway, instantly stopped and got out of his vehicle to see what was going on.

Oatway checked on Haley, moved her to a safer location, and rang the doorbell of the closest home.

However Clover was not finished. She then got the attention of another neighbor, Danielle Pilon, who also stopped to assist Haley.

Clover then ran home to inform the family that something was wrong. When the Moores reached the scene, Haley was already in an ambulance being treated by paramedics. It’s unidentified what caused the seizure, however she is fortunately doing well.

Haley is so thankful to Clover for saving her life. She informed 14 News that she feels 10 times safer knowing that Clover is there to protect her.

The family deemed Clover a hero and treated her with some steak to reward her for her heroic efforts.