Mother Bear Takes Her 5 Cute Cubs To Play In A Children’s Playground

There are few other animals who love to play as freely and recklessly as bear cubs do. While these adorable creatures normally prefer to go loose when they stumble upon a puddle or an open field, as it turns out, they do not avoid playing like human children do, too.

Just look at these 5 cute cubs who wandered right into someone’s backyard and quickly started playing with their swingset. “This was taken in our backyard. It is supposedly a mom and 5 cubs, 2 of which are suspected to be adopted from a different litter,” claimed the individual who spotted this happy bear family.

Lately, a family from Asheville captured an cute video of a mama bear and her 5 cubs seeing their backyard swing set

The video was caught in Asheville, North Carolina, a city that’s known for its huge black bear population. It is estimated that there are from 100 to 200 bears year-round among the population of 90,000 humans. Unsurprisingly, residents of Asheville have had lots of encounters with these bears wandering via their backyards and having a snack from their dumpsters.

As it turns out, bear cubs enjoy to invade human backyards and play with whatever they find out there

Plainly, this particular bear family from the video is not an isolated event. These animals don’t refrain from visiting people’s backyards in the hope of having a great time in their pools, on their hammocks, and of course, searching for food that has been left out outdoors.

If you live in areas heavily populated with black bears, don’t be surprised if you locate them swinging in your hammock

While it can seem scary to stay in an area heavily populated by these bears, it turns out that they are quite shy. Black bears can easily be chased away by anyone, even the tiniest dog can do the trick. According to North American Bear Facility researchers, they have actually never ever seen a black bear they could not chase away.