Dog that was chained her whole life can just walk in circles

Dog that was chained her whole life can just walk in circles

Why people get pets just to cage and chain them up is beyond me.

The local Police, together with Takis Sanctuary, stumbled upon one such pet– however this poor dog had endured a great deal more than chaining imprisonment. Takis Sanctuary is a nonprofit animal rescue company based in Ierapetra, Greece.

A number of people helping the shelter stumbled upon a dog chained up in an old lot.

What sets this dog apart from other chained pets is that it was chained up for a lifetime.

The chain had literally left a mark on its skin, it hadn’t been bathed in forever, was scared out of its mind, and had no tidy water to drink.

It’s just as sad as it appears, and the rescuers were just as stunned as you and I. It shows up somebody left this dog here to guard something. So we understood what that something was.

However the “now” is what issues, and this dog needed assistance and rehab– ASAP.

Takis Sanctuary took the canine in and instantly noticed how the lifetime of being chained up took its toll. She was incredibly timid and cautious of strangers and was plainly dirty and malnourished. They called her “Frida”, as it seems like “Freedom”.

Though one of the most heartbreaking thing about Frida was that she ‘d totally forgotten just how to walk in a straight line. With the chain around her neck 24/7, she ‘d gotten so familiar with pacing around in circles with the chain, that she didn’t know just how to walk any other way.

Also when taken back to a sanctuary with various other dogs, Frida had a hard time to walk in a straight line.

She hopped and turned constantly like she was dancing.

Chaining and caging up your pets for unnecessarily long amounts of time is animal ruthlessness. I do not believe you ‘d enjoy being kept in a confined area for a lot of your life either, would you?

But once her chains were released, Frida finally reached experience the flexibility of roaming and walking around. She looked extremely happy to do so, even if she was still below the learning curve.

Frida turned out to be a fast learner. Just a few mins later in the sanctuary, and her paths were getting more and more straight.

Looks like she just had to off some of that force of habit. Her rescuers were absolutely pleased to watch her go at it!shake

And after learning how to walk, she discovered just how to run. It wasn’t too long before Frida was having the time of her life with the other canines there.

You ‘d barely have actually thought that she was chained up for a lifetime before it.

Frida now remains at the sanctuary with the other dogs, waiting for a potential permanently home. With just how sweet and kind-spirited she is, I wish that doesn’t take long.

Takis Sanctuary has already shared their contact information in case someone intends to adopt Frida.

She’s a brave and playful canine, and the trip she went through deserves seeing and sharing. Head on over below to watch Frida’s rescue story, and please share this article as well!
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