Doggie School Bus Picks Up All Of The Puppies And Takes Them To School

There is a school bus for dogs, and it chooses them up and takes them to an outdoor dog daycare in West Linn, Oregon.

Arat Montoya, owner and creator of the Dog School Bus, has around 300 customers and picks up an average of 20 dogs per day!

The Doggie School Bus offers the daycare remain along with pick-up and drop-off service. The canines can’t wait for the bus to appear, and you can also see the one waiting in the window for it!.

Arat got the idea when he had a gold Scion that he made to appear like a dog school bus and gained 16 customers in two weeks simply by having it parked in the driveway. The means this was going, he was going to need to buy a bigger bus. And that’s exactly what he did!

The dogs enjoy a good ride and get to socialize and play outdoors, and Arat is the happiest guy on the planet doing his dream job.