Failed Cattle Dog Meets Disabled Calf And Chooses To Be Her New Caretaker

Failed Cattle Dog Meets Disabled Calf And Chooses To Be Her New Caretaker

Cupcake the calf was born with a disability that caused her legs to be bowed and ended up. Her back legs were also crooked, but luckily they cleaned.

Genia Kay Meyer wound up taking Cupcake in when she was 5 weeks old. She and her husband, Tim, became her caretakers and would bottle-feed her daily.

However Cupcake gained the 3rd caretaker as well, except this is not one you would certainly expect.

Meyer’s dog, Bo, took a liking to Cupcake and began to care for her. Both of them grew to be inseparable, and now Bo remains by her side 24/7.

When Cupcake initially arrived and began drinking from her bottle, Bo would certainly lick up all the milk off her face and groom her as if she were his baby.

Bo was meant to be Tim’s new cattle dog, however each time Bo went on the vehicle, he would get ill. While Bo was not able to be a cattle dog, he has actually certainly located his calling.

Bo and Cupcake love cuddling and playing with each other, and Bo is very protective of Cupcake.

Meyer is presently raising money for an operation that may or might not work for Cupcake. Her tendons may be able to be cut and fixed, but the family still has to talk with veterinarians to figure out the best way to go about it.

No matter, Bo and Cupcake are making the most of whatever time they have together, and their proprietors are trying to provide Cupcake the best quality of life possible as long as she’s with them.