Homeless Dog That Had Her Leg Seriously Broken Was Now In Safe Hands

Eldad from Hope For Paws got a call about a stray Pitbull puppy living on the ramp of the freeway, and she was limping.

He did not hesitate to head out to the place to rescue the dog. Once he arrived at the scene, he began to look for the pup and found her lying under a large flowering bush. As he got closer to the dog, he recognized she was not a puppy however a scared and fierce canine.

She extremely barked at him threatening he should not approach her or he might get in trouble. Eldad tried to calm her down, however she was so scared and nervous keeping her defense. The rescuer attempted to offer her treats in order to get her out of the den. Since it threatened approaching her, he chose to use his gentle snare.

It was not easy to place the snare around her neck, however lastly, he can get her. Recognizing that the canine was starving, the rescuer took advantage of it and lured her out by his food. It was not till the poor dog stepped out of the den that the rescuer recognized her leg was so terribly hurt. She laboriously stepped one at a time action and her foot was dragging because it was seriously broken.

He was still scared of touching her so he remained to earn her trust by preparing some water for her. Unfortunately, all his efforts were in vain because the dog chewed his snare and ran back to the den. The rescue needed to begin again once more while Eldad was run out of food. He decided that he needed to be more firm to make this rescue mission successful.

After all, Eldad can obtain the dog to step out once again, however it was still a harmful situation because he was just alone so he called his coworker to come and assist him. Together they ultimately secured the dog. They called the dog Yara and immediately took her to the hospital, she was in major pain. Sadly, her leg was completely crushed so they had to cut it off.

But Yara was so brave as she attempted to overcome her unfortunate circumstance. She discovered how to trust people again and started to open her heart to surrounding people. After recovery, she was required to her foster home. She was now so pleased in the new environment, having 3 legs did not slow her down.