Florida Rescue Caring for Neglected Dog Thrown onto Its Property: Never Saw Anything Like it

Florida Rescue Caring for Neglected Dog Thrown onto Its Property: Never Saw Anything Like it

Parker the Shih Tzu was found covered in 2 pounds of filth and hair next to Tri-County Humane’s dumpster in Boca Raton, Florida

After years of ” overlook and torment,” Parker the dog is lastly feeling the love.

According to a Facebook post from Tri-County Humane in Boca Raton, Florida, on June 8, an unknown specific threw a small Shih Tzu dog over Tri-County Humane’s fence. The canine landed near the rescue’s dumpster and was located there by the facility’s team.

“Her hair was sealed to her skin, her nails so long they were wrapped around her paws and wounds so old they were filled with maggots. The smell is something I will certainly never forget,” Tri-County Humane shared on social networks together with several pictures of the dog– later on called Parker– which show the pet covered in filthy, matted fur.

“I never saw anything like it prior to and directly I hope to never once again,”

the message added.

Although Parker reached Tri-County Humane in sorry form, the rescue refused to give up on the dog. After locating the dog near the dumpster, Tri-County Humane’s staff instantly began making the canine more comfortable.

“It took 5 staff members over 2 hours to shave her carefully, swapping out buzzers as they got hot,” the rescue shared on Facebook.

Along with shaving off two pounds of dust and hair from Parker, Tri-County Humane’s veterinarian dealt with the dog’s open sores while the remainder of the rescue’s team comforted the dog.

“We talked to her, informing her the worst was behind her, that she had to be solid, that she was loved,”

the rescue wrote.

Parker pulled through her tough first couple of days at the rescue, and it is currently up on her paws and eating on her very own. Tri-County Humane shared a video clip of the dog enjoying morning meal in her kennel on June 15.

Dr. Lindsey Naimoli, the vet that treated Parker at Tri-Humane, told WPBF that she thinks the Shih Tzu spent the majority of her life in a cage being forced to breed based on Parker’s alarming condition when the pet reached the rescue.

Tri-Humane is working with the Palm Coastline County Sheriff’s Workplace to determine who abandoned Parker by the rescue’s dumpster, WPBF reported.

“It would certainly be extremely rare to just have one animal dealt with horribly. I think this is one of many,” Dr. Naimoli informed the outlet regarding why it is necessary to locate who neglected Parker.

For Parker herself, the past is behind her, and the pooch is currently focused on recovery. Dr. Naimoli is confident that the dog will recover and could be ready for a permanently home as early as September.