Giraffe Choking On Cable Twisted Around His Neck Dealt With By Rescuers

A unusual giraffe was saved and freed by a group of brave rescuers after steel cable was seen wrapped around his neck.

The incredible video footage reveals animal rescuers in the Democratic Republic of Congo dealing with the huge animal in order to remove the deadly wire.

Neil Parsons, that led the rescue effort at the private game reserve, reportedly told Caters News, “It had cable twisted around its neck, which was restricting, however hadn’t cut into the flesh yet. If left longer, it probably would have cut into the neck and ultimately killed the giraffe.”

The group initially tranquilizes the giraffe and then runs quickly over to catch him as he falls so he does not injure himself.

They need to work together to hold his long neck down to ensure that Parsons can cut the cable.

After being checked out by the group, the giraffe can after that be seen leaving the rescuers grips and happily moving into the distance where he joined back up with his herd.