Meet Brooklyn Supreme, One of the Biggest Horses in History

Meet Brooklyn Supreme, One of the Biggest Horses in History

On April 12, 1928, an unique foal was born on the Earle Brown farm near Minneapolis, Minnesota that would certainly become a worldwide sensation of his time.

Brooklyn Supreme, as his name suggests, rose to popularity because of his monumental size. While he may’ve seemed frightening to those who met him personally, the mighty monster was gentle in spirit.

Brooklyn Supreme was a purebred Belgian Draft stallion with above-average measurements. Affectionately called “Brookie”, he was a beautiful red roan color with a flaxen hair and tail.

The magnificent stallion lived a typical lifespan of twenty years, passing away on September 6, 1948. While there are debates surrounding the topic, some people consider him the biggest horse ever lived.

The Largest Horse Of His Time

Brooklyn Supreme was undoubtedly the largest horse of his era. His elevation of 19.2 hands was currently impressive, while his weight was a staggering 3,200 pounds (nearly a ton and a half)!
Brooklyn Supreme, biggest horse in history on a post card

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On the other hand, the typical Belgian Draft horse weighs around 2,000 pounds (907 kg), with mares normally lighter than stallions. Brooklyn Supreme likewise had an excellent girth of 10 feet 2 in (3.10 m), which was the biggest ever before measured on a horse.

Although the stallion was extraordinary in every way, he was not the world record holder for the tallest or heaviest horse. A Shire gelding called Sampson (a.k.a. Mammoth) outperformed him in both of those aspects. Foaled in 1846, he grew to a colossal 21.2 hands high and weighed 3,359 pounds (1,523 kg).

However, Brooklyn Supreme continues to be the largest Belgian Draft on record that still excites equine enthusiasts to today. Likewise read: 10 Truths You Didn’t Know About Belgian Draft Horses.

Brooklyn Supreme Had Amazing Power

Due to their thick bones and plentiful musculature, Belgian Drafts are the greatest horse type in the world. Being the biggest Belgian Draft in history meant that Brooklyn Supreme had couple of rivals when it came to raw power.
Brooklyn Supreme, big horse

Meet Brooklyn Supreme, One of the Biggest Horses in History
Meet Brooklyn Supreme, One of the Biggest Horses in History

An average Belgian Draft horse can draw loads over twice as hefty as its body weight (up to 8,000 pounds or 3,630 kg). However, there have actually been several circumstances of Belgian Drafts pulling much larger tons

At the National Western Supply Show in Denver, Colorado, for instance, a pair of Belgians impressed the globe with their amazing performance. The two horses weighing 4,800 pounds (2,200 kg) pulled a tons of 17,000 pounds (7,700 kg) over a distance of 7 ft 2 (2.18 m)!

While we can not help however marvel at the Belgian Draft’s amazing power today, these horses were once indispensable to farmers and industrial workers. Prior to the age of mechanization, Belgian Draft horses utilized to work relentlessly for as much as 10 hrs a day, drawing plows and transporting heavy goods.

Thought about one of the strongest horse types, Belgian Drafts still carry out agricultural and forestry work, although its role has actually shifted towards entertainment.

Grand Champion Of His Type

Brooklyn Supreme was a truly outstanding member of his breed. As a yearling stallion, he placed first in his course and won the title of Reserve Junior Champion at the Iowa State Fair in 1929.

Prior to coming to be a famous horse for his size, Brooklyn Supreme was called “Grand Champion of his breed” at several state fairs. What’s more, the stallion also boasts an impressive pedigree. One of his great-grandfathers was the famous horse Farceur 7332, that was sworn in right into the Belgian Draft Horse Hall of Fame.