Grieving Puppy Will Not Leave Lifeless Mom Even As He Says His Last Goodbyes

Grieving Puppy Will Not Leave Lifeless Mom Even As He Says His Last Goodbyes

While this tale is heart wrenching in lots of ways, it still has an amazing twist.

When a stray mother dog was hit by a vehicle, she immediately lost her life. We are so thankful she did not suffer. However, she left behind 3 puppies that seriously needed care. One puppy was so carefully bonded to his mother– and this story focuses on him. And also his perseverance.


The puppy, too young and too connected to his mother to understand what happened, clung to his mother although she had actually already died. By the time the little family was located, the one puppy remained to nestle into Mother, attempting to wake her up. He had no intention of leaving the mom he loved a lot.

When the pet rescuers tried to obtain the puppy far from his mom, he cried over and over again. The kind people understood that they had to manage this special puppy with care. They decided to give the mother dog a gorgeous funeral. They laid her down and covered her with a covering and flower petals. When it was time for her body to be cremated, they allowed the puppy to say one last goodbye.

The pup, currently liked very much by his rescuers, watched as mother left this globe. His new human buddies did their best to clarify to him that Mother was going to a special location and they would be rejoined someday in the future. It would certainly take time, but the puppy would emotionally heal.

The vet and his team focused on getting all 3 puppies as healthy as feasible. They required to be vaccinated and treated for fleas and bloodsuckers. Once they got a clean bill of health, all the pups went to a close-by sanctuary.

The rescuers are extremely devoted to all 3 little ones but they are definitely focused on the one pup and his emotional wellness. He will require continuous comfort throughout this time. As soon as they are old enough, they will be available for fostering. Fortunately there are families thinking about adopting all three dogs.

We understand that this story is quite depressing but it is also the reality stray pets face on a daily basis. We are so grateful that the puppies were saved in time. We are likewise grateful that the puppy, needing additional TLC, is getting everything he needs and more! To see the complete story, scroll down to the video clip below. Some images may be upsetting and view discretion is advised.