If you live your daily life spending a good amount of time on the internet

Handlers line up to dance but their dogs unleash moves that steal the show

If you live your daily life spending a good amount of time on the internet, you’ve probably stumbled upon the Jerusalema challenge by now.

This is generally a dance challenge to the gospel-influenced house song “Jerusalema” which was produced by the South African producer Master KG and sung by singer-songwriter Nomcebo.

If you live your daily life spending a good amount of time on the internet

Despite the song being in the Zulu language, the rest of the globe definitely really did not shy off from joining the challenge.

Songs knows no language certainly.

Currently all sorts of individuals have actually tried this trend and published their extremely own rendition of the Jerusalema dance.

From cops to nurses to coast guards, this challenge recognizes no limits.

Actually, a quick search will take you to various compilations of people dancing to this extremely catchy song.

However a certain entrance quickly captured our interest and it’s the take of a team of canine handlers to the challenge posted on Youtube by Sisters Buttons.

What makes it lovable?

Well, the cute canines joined the fun too. The video started out with the very familiar beats of the song as the dog handlers walked beside their respective canines.

They were all dressed in their attire, looking as smooth and as expert as ever.

As the group began dancing to the tune, the search the canines’ faces weres absolutely hilarious. To claim that they were quite confused is an understatement.

Then the video clip jumped to the following clip where 13 dog handlers started dancing to larger moves. No wonder they had to exclude the canines awhile.

With their synchronous dancing relocations, it’s easy to tell that they took the time to do some practice.

Talk about dedication.

The video showed them dancing in various locations– from an open field to a park to an empty room, they prepared to dance everything out.

Then, the exciting part came now that the dogs are back in the game. Each canine handler showed up with a dog to groove with them.

Best believe the doggos were either bustin’ some moves like their handlers or simply sitting there being all cute and confused.

They were absolutely enjoyable either way. Among the dogs understood the project and danced while standing on simply 2 legs.

Some of them showcased tricks.

Seeing it can instantly make anybody’s day brighter.

After that a clip of everyone running, walking, and leaping around sealed the challenge.

It was perfect.

Each dog played with their respective human.

Although they may not understand what the challenge is all about, it was simple to see that they had one of the most fun during the filming process.

Jerusalema is such a fun song to dance to. No wonder it turned into a popular dance craze!

What are you waiting for? Go on and join the challenge! If you require help learning the dancing steps, there are various tutorials out there to help you. Have fun!

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