Man Looks After More Than 750 Dogs At His Shelter That Else Nobody Desired

Man Looks After More Than 750 Dogs At His Shelter That Else Nobody Desired

It s sadly quite common to abandon animals on the streets by those who do not respect their generous companionship.

Thankfully, there are individuals like Sasha Pesic, that has spent years aiding homeless dogs and giving them all the attention they require.

Man Looks After More Than 750 Dogs At His Shelter That Else Nobody Desired

This guy, that is considered one of Serbia’s leading animal rights campaigners, opened his very own sanctuary in 2008, which today homes 750 canines.

Pesic’s trip began the very same year when he stumbled upon 4 abandoned puppies while driving home.

He could not assist but feel obligated to save them, and despite his financial restrictions, he began to put together a plan to help them.

With the support of 6 volunteers, Sasha had the ability to establish his sanctuary and provide a home and food for every one of the animals, and he has actually had the ability to maintain it running thanks to donations from all over the world.

He recognizes the names of all the animals he looks after, and he vaccinates, sterilizes, and tags them with an ID microchip.

Sasha has saved around 1,200 dogs, with over 400 of them locating new homes throughout the world. Without a concern, he is an excellent role model for everybody.

Sasha even experienced issues with the owners of the land where the sanctuary is located, that asked him to leave.

When the matter came to be public, hundreds of people signed a request, compelling the government to pull back, although temporarily.

Sasha is grateful for everybody’s help and really feels that the trouble of so many abandoned dogs derives from a system that does not seek solutions and rather causes even more damages.

” Another issue is the proprietors’ carelessness in not neutering their pets and abandoning them outside when they are no more desired,” said Sasha

” I have a baby and can’t take care of the dog,” and “I don’t require it any longer.”

Unfortunately, he doesn’t get any government aid, and many vets bill him high prices because they think he has too much money from payments, however that’s not enough to quit him!