Man Thought He Betrayed A Homeless Dog But In Fact He Saved His Life

It breaks our hearts when we see precious dogs abandoned out of doors. Yet lot of times, we also feel heartwarming knowing there are angels who want to do the best thing they can to aid these unfortunate creatures, even when that’s not always one of the most comfortable thing to do.

Two dogs had been homeless for greater than 2 years and were taken care of by a kind-hearted man. His terrible neighbor told him that he intended to get the dogs and sell the puppies. The kind guy did not want to let them go, but he recognized the poor canines remained in an risky environment, then he decided to call Hope For Paws for help.

When the group reached the scene, the women dog was quite friendly as she greeted the rescuers and quickly received their treats. Meanwhile, the male one was a little bit hesitant and nervous. He did not battle against the rescuers, however he kept a distance from them.

It was so touching that the man that called them quietly approached the canine to pet him, claiming, “I informed you I was going to help you. I can not help you like they will. I’m sorry.” And he broke into tears. He cared about the canines so much, but he can do nothing better than letting them go. He believed that he “betrayed” them. “I feel so horrible like I got his trust and currently I’m backstabbing him.”

It took the rescuers a moment to successfully soothed the canines and eventually can bring them to their sanctuary. They named the boy George and the girl Irene. They were such a boned pair that Irene supported George a lot because he still was shy. George had bone cancer and thankfully, they could perform surgical treatment to save his life. It was a pity that he eternally lost one of his legs, but the dog was very brave. Both of them were healthy and ready for a fresh start in life.

The guy who called for help really had a heart of gold, he did everything he could for the dogs, and finally got them on their way to a much better life. He thought he did a poor point, but he did not recognize he gave them a 2nd chance at a life that will be safe and full of love. He saved them greater than when. What a caring spirit. Thanks so much!