Homeless Mama Dog Kisses Her Puppies One At A Time As Rescuer Pulls Them To Safety

Homeless Mama Dog Kisses Her Puppies One At A Time As Rescuer Pulls Them To Safety

As a terrible thunderstorm struck South California, the rescuers from “Hope For Paws” set out to save a homeless mama Pit Bull who had just brought to life 8 puppies.

A family had been trying to help the Pit Bull for several days, but she was too skittish and wanted to avoid any human contact. When the rainstorm got worse, the family ultimately contacted the rescue for assistance.

In this video, we see a rescuer coming close to the mama dog while she is sheltering her puppies in a small den. As the raindrops greatly patter outside, the mama dog obtains frightened when she sees the stranger reaching his give out toward her. However, she doesn’t escape as she does not want to leave her puppies alone.

The rescuer recognizes the Pit Bull could quickly bite his hand if he snatched her puppies away abruptly. So he starts talking to her in a calm tone and also assures her that he is right here to help. The mama dog is in a problem as she wonders how to handle the stranger, however she slowly decides to trust him and allow him manage her puppies!

We see amazed as the rescuer asks the mother canine to kiss her puppies while he pulls them out one at a time. That way, the Pit Bull remains hopeful and never sees him as a threat! Thanks to this thoughtful gesture, the dog and also her puppies lastly find save haven in the rain!

The mother dog has actually been christened as Rainbow while her puppies have actually been called Thunder, Breezy, Misty, Raindrop, Flash, Screw, Stormy and also Droplet. What a remarkable way to celebrate this spirited rescue in the storm! We’re sure they will certainly all find the nicest forever homes soon!

Click listed below to see the video of Rainbow kissing her puppies one by one as they get rescued.