Horse Runs Back Into Burning Wildfire To Rescue Her Family

Residing in California, I’ve experienced my fair share of wildfires. They take place every year, but some years are a lot worse than others.

In between 2019-2021, it felt like the state could not catch a break. Those who lived in risky areas or evacuation zones felt the pressure and stress of getting to security, but those with animals had a little more challenges.

After all, nobody wants to abandon their pet in a fire. When my home was under evacuation for a wildfire fire in 2020, we needed to figure out how to pack up all the dogs, hens, and ducks safely and we had to do it at night, in the smoke, with an eerie orange-red haze filling the sky:

All of our animals were smaller that made it a lot much easier, but there were plenty of people working to evacuate horses, cows, and other livestock to transport to safety.

In some cases, it’s not possible to get your animals to security. In some cases, the very best you can do as an owner is set your pets free from a cage or hope and wish the very best. If you’re away at the moment and can’t return, you simply hope that in some way your pets make it out.

Throughout the Easy Fire that burned 1,806 acres in Simi Valley, Ventura County, California in October of 2019, some horses were left to evacuate on their own. People existed working to guide the horses once they made it out of the most awful of it, but one horse refused to be helped.

In fact, the horse kept turning around and running back right into the fire and individuals couldn’t identify why– until they saw her family!

The sweet horse was going back to save her foal and an additional horse that had not made it out yet. In the end, the horse family made it to security and they stuck to get there.

Video was captured of the horse running back into the fire to unite with its family.