K9 Retires After 8 Years Of Service, Policeman Praise Him With Inspiring Radio Tribute

K9 Retires After 8 Years Of Service, Policeman Praise Him With Inspiring Radio Tribute

Dogs are the best friends, and the relationship between the K9 and its friend is special and eternal, even if it isn’t a lifelong companion. That’s why when it comes time for a K9 officer to retire, it will be an intolerable moment for both the dog and his policeman.

In an absolutely glamorous scene, a policeman honors his faithful colleague on the radio to honor his last day of job. Dog K9 didn’t know if it was time to retire, so he got into the squad car as usual. However his curators nevertheless chose to provide him a moment of glory. He is a well-deserved honor! A moving moment captured by the patrol car cam!

Faust, an extremely well-trained German Shepherd for nearly eight years, served as a K9 officer at the North Burlington and Santa Fe Railways. However it wasn’t easy as Faust and his handler, Senior Unique Agent Brian Shaffer, were continuously at risk while on duty as part of Explosive Detection and Overwatch. But the couple placed a great deal of dedication and passion into their work, especially the prize-winning four-legged policeman!

But it all came to an end, and in Faust’s time, it came to be K9. So when it came time to retire, my companion paid tribute.

Faust punctured his ears whenever he listened to the radio, and instead of sending him and Policeman Schaefer on a goal on his last day as a policeman, the dispatcher provided a moving speech to the faithful canine.

” Faust has simply finished his last shift as an explosive detection and cops solution K9 after eight years and someday, and he is now officially retired,” he claimed. “Faust, thanks for your service!”

What a gorgeous gesture for such a loyal officer. See the beautiful moment, below!