Kefir The Gigantic Maine Coon Cat Is The Size Of A Dog

Kefir The Gigantic Maine Coon Cat Is The Size Of A Dog

The Web exists for cats and Kefir is taking the entire Internet by storm with photos of his marvelous fluffy self.

Kefir is a Maine coon, a cat type that grows quite large. They can be as big as some canines and small children! Kefir’s owner, Yuliya from Russia, says that Kefir is currently 1 year and 9 months old. He appears at about 26.5 pounds, a hefty weight for a cat Obviously, Maine Coons typically keep growing until they are about 3 years old so Kefir won’t stop at this size!

Meet Kefir. He is a Maine Coon, among the largest cat breeds in the world.

close up of a large white maine coon cat. His owner, Yuliya, says that Kefir is 1 year and 9 months old.

Maine Coons remain to expand till they’re 3 years old. lady carrying a large white main coon cat over her back . Yuliya claims people have funny reactions when seeing Kefir. People usually assume he’s a dog and then are extremely surprised to see Kefir is really a giant cat.

lady carrying a large white maine coon cat with both facing the camera. Despite his size, Kefir is really a really gentle cat. Yuliya says it resembles he’s a kitten in the body of a huge cat.

white maine coon cat in a bathroom looking into a mirror sitting on the rim of a washbasin with a woman in the bathtub behind it

Being such a huge and fluffy cat, Kefir loses a lot and leaves a lot of fur all over his house. arge white maine coon cant without any hair on its torso

Maine Coons are one of the largest domestic cat types.

They generally grow up to weigh up to 8 kgs or 17 pounds. grey white and black maine coon being held up by a person

They can get to a length of almost a metre. This is Omar, the globe’s longest cat at 120cm!

Maine Coons can expand to a height of 41 centimeters.

Kefir is an extremely intelligent and caring cat that is a little secret side. But he is playful and completely lovable.

Kefir is a wonderful and gentle titan that is beloved by his family. We’re so pleased that his family selected to share him with the world because Kefir is a really magnificent cat.