Lady Embarks On Airplane Rescue Mission And Saves 27 Puppies

Lady Embarks On Airplane Rescue Mission And Saves 27 Puppies

A group of dog lovers are hailed as heroes after the now-viral video footage reveals them aboard a small airplane with 27 pups. The adorable dogs will be euthanized, however the 3 ladies advance and saved them all in the prettiest rescue mission we’ve seen in a long time!

The video that first showed up on TikTok was taped by Cassandra Bergeron, the lady in charge of the rescue, and shared online. The pictures, taken a couple of weeks earlier, reveal scenes from the roughly 45-minute rescue trip from Alabama to Florida.

” Think how many pups we rescued?” the video clip signature is. Then, lots of pleased puppies can be seen wagging their tails and cuddling with the heroes that saved them. The moving images received more than 13.5 million views on TikTok alone.

” I was totally pleased. I really did not wish to land, “Cassandra told DailyPaws. “I could not quit smiling all the time.”

The life-saving rescue was enabled after Cassandra received a phone call from a friend who told her to save these pups. They must be euthanized due to the overcrowding of the shelter. Cassandra and 2 of her buddies rushed to save innocent lives and approached Michael Young, a pilot and teacher at the University of Central Florida. The best contact, because he saved more than 7,000 animal shelter canines as a volunteer with Alabama Pup Rescue Flights.

After everybody joined in, 27 adorable puppies were rescued from the Business animal shelter and taken to various Orlando animal shelters. All the pups have actually been adopted since the rescue! During the rescue, Cassandra recorded a number of videos, one more beautiful than the other!

Thank you ladies. Real heroes do that!