Saved Circus Elephant Reunited After 22 Years Apart

Saved Circus Elephant Reunited After 22 Years Apart

2 elephants, both caught from the wild and transported miles from their real house, briefly met at a circus when among them, Jenny, was a child and the various other, Shirley, was in her early twenties.

That’s when Shirley handled the role of child Jenny’s mother in the circus prior to they were divided and forced in 2 different ways.

For many years, Jenny suffered great torture and also maintained running away from her trainers throughout circus performances. Eventually, she was sent out to the Hawthorn Corporation in Illinois for reproducing purposes and in the process, she suffered a major injury that left her limp for many years.

When she was finally classified as “useless” as a breeder, the abandoned elephant was returned to circus life for one more two years prior to she was lastly enabled to retire in 1996 at the Tennessee Elephant Shelter. With scars on her body and also a weak rearfoot, Jenny made it to the shelter and finally obtained used to her new lifestyle.

Regarding 3 years later, a new elephant reached the sanctuary and also Jenny seemed very eager to meet the newcomer. Individuals in the sanctuary couldn’t understand what made this encounter between the two elephants so intense; They thought it was nothing greater than a casual welcoming where a resident greeted the newcomer.

For the two elephants, however, it was an emotional reunion, because Jenny knew immediately that the newcomer was none besides Shirley, the same elephant she had actually met when she was a baby in the circus more than two decades ago.