Lovable Rescue Fox Laughing With Delight When Being Petted By His Human

With their lovable fluffy faces and furry coats, along with their endlessly playful antics, foxes have a lot to love.

This is the time the Save A Fox rescue shared the cutest video of a red fox giggling with pleasure as it gets a belly scratch.

The red fox named Finnegan looks like a dog having its belly scraped, laughing continuous like a human with a huge smile on his face.
The video was taken by Makayla Raines, the founder of Save A Fox that seems to be enjoying it almost as much as the fox!

” I found the world of domestic foxes upon taking in a tame pet fox several years ago,” she claims.

” Domestic foxes are unlike wild foxes because they are birthed in captivity to sell as pets, as well as being bred in ‘ hair farms’ for the sale of their pelts.”

” Foxes birthed in captivity are unable to be released into the wild due to legal and ethical reasons.”

She started the foundation in 2017 after recognizing how many of these adorable animals were in fact in need of a home.

” Many of our foxes at Save A Fox come from fur farms, as pet surrenders, or seized from their proprietors as the result of an illegal situation and after that offered us.”

Check out the Save A Fox Youtube channel here to see more beautiful fox videos.
Like this one below of Finnegan loving being petted.