Loving Polar Bear Mother Having Fun With Her Baby For The First Time

Loving Polar Bear Mother Having Fun With Her Baby For The First Time

One of the largest zoos of Novosibirsk, Russia became a really pleased area once a long-awaited wonder, the polar bear, entered this world. Polar bears are the biggest killers on the planet that re-produce once every two or three years, and in an unnatural habitat even more rarely.

On the 7th of December 2015 pleased white bear parents, Kay and Gerda brought to life their 2nd cub. The adorable bear was birthed definitely hairless and powerless. The cub spends the first months of life along with its mother in the den until it gets stronger. It is impossible to determine the cub’s gender yet, so it is too early to provide this wild animal a name.

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In January this small snow bear opened its eyes, and its ears increased. This sweet creature has a good appetite and is gaining weight well. Dad is not allowed to the young one and the mother because the staff fears the male’s unpredictable reaction. So Kay will certainly be maintained isolated in another enclosure for a year.

Once the cute bear expanded a bit older, it and its mother are let out from the den into the fresh air for the first time. The little thing is enjoying the first snow in its life. It studies the world with care but at the same time has fun playing with its mother.