The kind hearted cowboy does his best in order to save the loving Highland cow and it changes the course of his life

After developing a deep bond with his 2 adopted cattle this farmer decided to change his farm and his life.

See the love this unlikely trio has for each other in the video below!

We all know the indivisible bond that we show to our beautiful furry buddies.
However, what’s the most interesting is that farmers around the world likewise share the exact same inseparable bonds with their bigger animals.

Meet Mark that has 2 1000 pounds cows and shows the world something they have never expected to see.

Hamish and Kyloe are 2 gentle titans. The man has lots of other animals that he maintains, but these 2 have taken his heart.

Marc befriended Hamish from the first day they satisfied. When the cow got to 3 years, the man shared a tale about him.

The cow started the adventure of looking for some company to play and spend time with.
Hamish is 9 years old and weighs 2000 pounds.

Kyloe was birthed much shorter and is much smaller than Hamish. Khyloe currently weighs 1100 pounds comparing to the moment when he was adopted.

At that time, he was 250 pounds. Soon the idea of saving the harmed, ill unwanted animals arose the need for him to create a GoFundMe where they will certainly accept donations in those hard times.

” Our mission is to provide a safe place, a” home” for the rejected animals. This is a refuge where we prepare to give all the needed info on how to properly look after animals regardless of the size”.

” We prepare to help the owners in finding solutions of making sure for their pets.

We wish to become a place for local rescue groups where they can arrange adoption days.

We all are sure that the adventures of Thistle do Farm are only beginning!