Man Develops Tiny Wheelchair To Help His Sick Goldfish

Man Develops Tiny Wheelchair To Help His Sick Goldfish

An animal lover has created a small wheelchair-like device for his poorly goldfish.

You can have a look at the device in action in the video listed below.

Henry Kim owns 20 goldfish across three fish tanks in his house and is passionate regarding their well-being.

He was concerned when he noticed his fish start to float upside-down, something that can be caused by swim bladder.

swim bladder

All fish have a swim bladder, which helps them stay upright in water.

When this fails they tend to lose the ability to stay upright, floating to the top or base of the tank, eventually dying.

Identified to help his fishy friends, Kim chose to locate a solution to their disability.

After much research online, he fashioned what he calls a “wheelchair”, which helps fish remain upright and afloat despite their health problems.

” Fish with this issue just live a couple of months, but thanks to this device, among my fish has actually lived to be 5 months old.

Henry said:

” My wheelchair helps them stay afloat and have a longer life.”