Quick Thinking Man Rescues Dog Falling From Building

Quick Thinking Man Rescues Dog Falling From Building

The other day, after a two-week-long job working in the field, John Alexander Palomino Bendives was looking forward to finally relaxing in the apartment he shares with his mom and 4 dogs in Peru.

Right here’s that dramatic minute on video:

But, before he can even enter the building, Bendives was called into action once again– to save the life of his precious dog Mina.

Quick Thinking Man Rescues Dog Falling From Building

When Bendives, along with his girlfriend, reached the front of his apartment, their arrival really did not go unnoticed. High above, in his family’s fourth-story rooftop apartment, Mina and the other puppies were peering down over the railing, thrilled to see him home.

Bendives would depend on greet them in a few seconds. But that was obviously just a bit too long to wait for Mina.

Having either lost her balance and slipped or misjudged the range and leapt, Mina started falling to the street listed below. Thankfully, quick-thinking Bendives took notice– and had the ability to capture her in his arms.

Bendives had the ability to save Mina from what might have been specific death– to his fantastic relief. And to hers.

” She was okay, unhurt,” Bendives Said. “Mina was happy and grateful, as you can see in the video. She didn’t quit wagging her tail out of joy.”

All his puppies were thrilled that Bendives was lastly house. Mina, clearly, just a little bit too much so.

Bendives claimed this scary incident has the family planning to make some changes: “We are taking a look at putting up a mesh [barrier] on the roof so that they can continue to stay up there, but without the risk of falling once again.”

Since the unthinkable happened– and disaster narrowly prevented– it’s the least they could do.

” I like my pets very much,” Bendives said. “They constantly get me with a lot of love and emotion. The moment I spend at home, I attempt to spend as much time as feasible with them.”