Man finds dying baby bear while out hiking dangers jail-time to save it's life

Man finds dying baby bear while out hiking dangers jail-time to save it’s life

While out hiking a scenic trail in Oregon last Monday night photographer, Corey Hancock stumbled upon a 3 month old baby bear.

The poor little bear was in such terrible problem that Hancock recognized he was passing away. The baby was barely moving when he initially approached him, and he showed up to have been deserted by: his mommy.

There was no way that Hancock could leave the baby bear there to die. So, he decided to rescue him rather and he brought him for over two miles, unsure whether he would certainly live or die.

At one factor he also gave him: mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and the baby took a breath. He was certainly struggling just to maintain breathing.

He took the little bear to Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center near Salem, Oregon, where he’s presently in the process of recovering from dehydration along with starvation but he’s doing much better now.

There are many animal experts out there that don’t agree with Hancock’s choice to save the little bear. They do not even think that he should have touched the bear.

According to regulations of the Oregon Division of Fish and Wild-life, the little bear’s savior could have been slapped with: a $6,000 fine or even spent up to a year behind bars.

However– Oregon State Police claim that Hancock won’t be penalized at all for saving the little bear.

This story was published by digital photographer Corey Hancock on: his Facebook web page

OMG! (How could anyone expect someone to just walk away and leave’ that poor little guy there to die all alone?)