Man Saves Bald Eagle From Drowning In The River

You never quite know what you will see when you are spending a day out in nature.

Nobody knows this better than Emmett Blous, who was out with friends river rafting on the Shubenacadie River in Nova Scotia.

The day was going well but Emmett looked over and saw a group of bald eagles, and one was struggling.

A tidal bore caused the bald eagles to take flight but one eagle got struck by a wave and was unable to make it to safety. She was really having a hard time, but fortunately, Emmett and his team existed to save the day.

I’m sure it was quite a view to look over and see a bald eagle struggling and flapping in the water. After they brought up alongside her and took her right into a boat, they saw that she had an injured leg.

They really did not wish to let the bird go injured, so they took her to Wish for Wildlife Rescue.

As Emmett held on to her in the boat, he can feel her heart pounding but she started to calm down after she recognized he had not been going to injure her.

It took an hr for them to obtain the watercraft back to the dock once again. They then took her to Hope for Wild animals Rescue and found out that she was struggling with ligament damages in among her legs.

The rescue maintained the bird as she healed but when she was feeling up to it, they had the ability to release her. They also invited Emmett to come to see it all happen.